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Thursday 10 March 2005
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Thursday March 10th 2005
Le Roméo ,Paris 6e


La MJC launched its new website on Thursday March 10th .
A special edition of La Récréation was organized for the occasion.


La Récréation had to be 100% Crunk, Grime, Hip Hop and R’n’B.

For once, the style of music was unique, no mix of different kind of music as usual.

Thanks to fashion, the Crunk hits the American charts, the Grime scales the British ones, but no club in Paris had ever decicated a special party or night to one of these two music styles.

Therefore, La MJC asked specialists to prepare special DJ sets for the occasion.

For the R’n’B and the « girly » sound.

Acyde, former member of Crooked Tongues crew,
For a Rare Groovy Funky Grime set.

Mike Jay, THE Crunk specialist in Paris.

On this Thursday March 10th, La MJC took satisfaction in proposing this kind of music to a well informed and passionated clientele and to people who are open to novelty.

In order to bring the party to perfection, La MJC designed a tee-shirt limited to 100 ex. to be given to some of the guests.

This tee was a collaboration with Nike, to show the brand’s support to the launch of the new version of La MJC website .

The tee-shirt was very demanded but only 100 guests got it. For the others who had not this chance, La MJC distributed Nike wool hats and « Guide de Paris » books –edited by OFR Gallery and Nike- to the craziest dancers.


-Announce the launch of the new version of La MJC website

-Reinforce the connections between Nike and La MJC

-Dance on Crunk and Hip-Hop musics in a safe club for once !!


-Huge crowds despite the strike of the Paris public transportation that caused a mess in the city that day.

-A super hot atmosphere thanks to crazy dj’s sets! Even the boss of Le Roméo had never seen such a dancefloor on fire on a Thursday night !!

-The gifts created a strong positive energy, the tees and the hats were more than welcome.

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