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Euro 2004_France/Angleterre

Sunday 13 June 2004, by Michael Dupouy

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Euro 2004 : France / England
Match of June 13th 2004

Hôtel de Bérulle, Paris 7è
Typical Parisian appartment of 250 m2,with wooden floor and ceiling decorated with moldings.
Private garden of 250 m2 open to the guests.


Since the 1998 World Cup victory, French people have a different vision on Football.

Perceived as a macho, popular, even has been sport before the World Cup, Football since then made its come back into French people heart.. The successes of the France team during the Euro 2000 and the Confederations Cup 2003 confirmed that during the major competitions, Football federates passion and more and more fans.

The Euro 2004 approached. France was once more part of the challengers. The pressure from the Press was heavier than ever..


Nike proposed to La MJC to take advantage of the « We Love Football » event, organized for Playstation 2, Sony and SFR, in order to present to fifteen VIP’s, artistic silkscreens inspired by Football.

So Nike’s guests jointed the other partners’ guests, in a very beautiful appartment, to watch altogether the broadcast of the Euro 2004 France vs England match.

At the entrance of the appartment, 3 silkscreens were exhibited. They represented football players under contract with Nike and were designed by edgy urban artists :

-Futura 2000 for Fancesco Totti ( Italy)
-Mode 2 for Thierry Heny (France)
-Delta for Ruud Van Nistelroy (Netherlands)

The Nike’s guests had received after the match, a collector box with the 3 silkscreens directly to their place in addition to Football Total 90 products (ball and shoes).

For reminder, the guidelines of « We Love Football » were :

-The location was magnificient, the catering was continuous, Dj’s played before and after the matches to liven things up, and the atmosphere during the broadcasts was incredible (especially an unforgettable France vs England) !

-The appartment was constitued of several rooms where Sony settled high tech material to ensure high quality broadcasts – wide flat screens, video projectors, all associated to home sound systems to optimize the atmosphere.

-In each room, collector Playstations 2 were connected to LCD screens, at the guests disposal in order to introduce « Le Monde des Bleus » game.

-The garden was the perfect relaxing spot. Thanks to the Summer heat and sun, a bar and a barbecue were proposed in this flowery environment.

-A SFR photo stand was set at the entrance, each picture shot at the We Love Football apartment, took part of big installation organized at the City Hall plaza.

-One of the room was dedicated to the Colette store, which was partner on the event. The colors of the French team were everywhere make up, tees, pin’s even cotton candies


-Allow Nike to show to VIP’s of their choice, the silkscreens designed for the Euro 2004 occasion.

-Propose to Nike’s guests to watch the France vs England match in a unusual and unexpected place.

-Popularize Football and improve the image of this sport, in the opinion of a less concerned target

-Federate different populations made of experts and novices, in the name of sport.


So Foot Magazine


-The silkscreens were very appreciated and were part of the decoration during the whole competition.

-200 people attended this broadcast, which was the most unforgettable of the competition.

- An entertaining and friendly atmosphere faithful to the Football


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